What To Look For In Football Boots

One of the secrets behind winning a football match has something to do the footwear. Also called as cleats, football shoes are designed to give the maximum traction even on slippery surfaces like a grass field. Football shoes are very effective in chasing or getting away from an opponent where each stride is guaranteed a grip on the ground increasing the speed of the player.

The early beginnings of football shoes started using the concept of a boots where the entire footwear covers up to the ankle. However, through research and development, most modern football shoes have a low-cut design and does not cover the ankle part of the feet easing the player with a stiff motion and giving them foot flexibility. While there are several brands and models of football shoes out in the market today, these are at least the qualities you should consider to find the best football boots.

Durability of the Material

Since it will carry the weight of the player in a condition that is considered fast and rugged, the material of a football shoe must able to withstand these conditions. High-end products use leather which gives the player added flexibility and breathability thereby preventing moisture build-up and damping of the feet. On the other hand, synthetic materials are fast becoming a fad in football shoes. Aside from the fit it gives to your feet, its lightweight properties give you an edge in speeding up in a chase.

Comfort and Fit

What good does a high-end football shoes give you if it does not fit the contours of your feet. While our feet have an elongated shape in general, each of us differs in terms of size and contour. Aside from size, you must pay attention to the width of your feet and size of the inner arch which is the part located after the mound of the big toe. If the shoe is too tight or loose, it can cause painful blisters that can jeopardize your running performance.

Light and Supple

Who wants to play football using a pair of heavy and stiff shoes? Maybe in training, but not in an actual competition. The lightness of the shoe will greatly add to the running speed of a player. But lightness alone does make the trick. While the sole is generally hard, it should also be supple where it needs to be flexible especially on the part where the feet naturally bends.

Sole Extensions: Studded or Rubber?

This is the part that most of us inspects first. But before you proceed with inspecting the footwear, you need to decide first whether what fits your need are either rubbers, studded or a combination of both. You should be aware that every sole extension is designed for a particular playing ground. For example, extremely moist playing fields favors the use of studded soles while rubbers are great for controlled environments, like the ones you see in a stadium. What most professional players do is they have multiple pairs with different sole extensions.

The Last Words

In the end, the above features are just the good qualities of a football shoes. But this does not mean that if you buy a pair of good football shoes, you are guaranteed to win the game. The primary factor of winning still lies within the player and its team. The good qualities of a football shoes will just aid you achieving your goal.

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